Cressida Dawson


The Dental Practice                                                                  022 343 3320                             

Opening hours:

Mon,  8h-17h

Tues  8h -18h

Wed 8h 30 - 17h 30

Thurs 8h - 18h

Fri     8h -13h


Mon   7h - 18h

Tues  7h - 13h

Wed  8h30 -17h30

Where are we?

3rd floor

Alley No 1

Clinique de Carouge

Ave Cardinal Mermillod

1227 Carouge


Parking: Centre Commercial de Carouge or Place d’Octroi

Buses 11, 21

Tram 12

Stop: Armes

I took over the practice in July 2004 and fully modernised it. Our team includes my 2 assistants, Natalie and Angelica, 2 hygienists, Natalie and Pascale and our apprentice assistant, Segen. Dr Aoife Bambury, an Irish dentist, works on Fridays and Dr Eleanor Bruce who is Scottish and works one day a week with us.

We treat everyone - from young to old. We offer a full range of treatments from routine placement of fillings to cosmetic treatments such as crowns, crowns on implants, veneers and bleaching.

We are very focused on prevention - this means prevention of dental decay and prevention of gum disease. I like my patients to visit our hygienists regularly and we use the latest techniques for protecting the surfaces of children’s and adults’ teeth against decay.

We have digital radiography and an intra-oral camera to help diagnose and show patients problems in their mouths although we use the camera mostly to take pictures of our younger patients!

You can listen to music and children can watch a DVD during treatment.

We will do our utmost to ensure that your trip to the dentist is as pleasant as possible.

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Are you nervous or anxious about coming to the dentist?

I also have a special interest in treating people who are nervous of coming for dental treatment. I have a lot of experience as I used to run a clinic which specialised in this in London. I have recently starting using hypnosis and other relaxation techniques as an aid to helping patients with dental worries such as those who are generally nervous, those who do not like injections, those who have a strong gag reflex and also to help those who have habits they would like to stop such as grinding, smoking and thumb sucking.

I want to make your visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible for you.

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